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sexyallison's message:

hey there
can we talk on fb hun? here my fb if you are interested to me : sexyallison at

About sexyallison:

I dunno how 2 describe muhself basically because
every individual knows different things about me
and had difrnt experiences wit me so... heck,
do i introduce muhself in a way that is me?! lemme
give it a try, im funny, but not every1 thinks i am.
im serious at times and i want to be alone. i like
crazy stuffs and bein with crazy people. i do crazy
things, watch crazy movies, buy crazy stuffs. i like
bein me, and i don't wanna be hell like somebody else!!!
not evry1 gets my drift but it's all good, i don't like
people who always agrees with me, they're boring...
i like discussions, not arguments. it keeps the brain workin'.

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